Audio Fusion Systems recently had the pleasure of introducing Audiofusion™ to the Deann Rene Band at the One-2-One Bar, a great live music venue in Austin, TX. Deann Rene has always wanted to have an in-ear monitoring system but has never been able to justify spending the money.

We showed Deann how easy it is to set-up the system.  It all starts with SoundCaster app which runs on her laptop. SoundCaster is the heart of the system and the bridge that converts the audio source to the multiple Wi-Fi streams for each of the musicians.

All her band members have to do is tap the Audiofusion™ icon and start the Performer app on their phone. The app will automatically find the rest of the system and download all of the labeling and all the information that they might need for each of the channel of music. They just plug in their ear-phones, start the app and start listening to the monitor mix right away.

With the help of the Director app running on her tablet the entire set-up including the labels, the icons and the levels can all be done ahead of time at rehearsal. Then when the band gets up on stage for their live performance, usually only tiny tweaks need to be made based on the venue sound system and size of the audience. This makes sound check a breeze for Deann no matter where she is performing. Audiofusion™ brings the sound together which brings her band together for the best performance possible.

Here’s what Deann Rene had to say about her experience.

“I am blown away by the sound I get in my ears. Not only does Audiofusion™ help me hear myself it helps me hear everything! I am finally in control and free to deliver my best performance without distractions. I am no longer at the mercy of my monitor mix.” — Deann Rene, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Performer




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Audiofusion™ is currently in Beta testing and is being successfully used by multiple bands, venues and churches. If you are interested in testing the Beta version please contact us or join our mailing list to get notified of testing opportunities and releases.