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Audiofusion SoundCaster


Wireless In-Ear Monitoring for Macbook

$99.99 / Musician

Description: SoundCaster is the centerpiece of the Audiofusion™ Wireless Personal Monitoring System. SoundCaster recognizes each channel of audio from any connected digital mixer, audio interface or other audio device. Choose the device and select which channels to include in the mix.

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SoundCaster will recognize the audio just like a DAW. SoundCaster will package up all the raw audio and broadcast it over Wi-Fi to Performer, the app the musician can use on their iPhone or iPad to both hear the audio and customize their own personal mix.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • MacOS 10.12 or newer
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • iPhone or iPad running Performer
  • Connected to a digital mixer or digital audio interface

Recommended System Requirements:

  • iPhone 6 or newer
  • iPad Gen 4 or newer
  • Wi-Fi Router: Dedicated, High speed router; not connected to the internet, running 802.11AC on the 5GHz band
  • Hard wired ethernet connection from the Mac to the Wi-Fi router

Other “Best Practices” to achieve great sound quality using Audiofusion™:

  • Run the MacBook on AC power to avoid CPU throttling
  • Use auto-configure or manually configure the Wi-Fi router using a Wi-Fi scanner to search for the least used channel to avoid interference
  • Turn off Wi-Fi on the Mac and connect to the Wi-Fi router via ethernet
  • Set MacBook networking to configure automatically: System Preferences->Network->Select Ethernet interface (or Thunderbolt, etc.) ->Advanced->Hardware->Configure: Automatically
  • Turn off iCloud services on all iPhones and iPads
  • Turn off Location services on all iPhones and iPads
  • Put the iPhones and iPads in airplane mode then re-activate Wi-Fi only

Performer app


Wireless In-Ear Monitoring for iOS


Description: By receiving real-time audio over Wi-Fi and playing it through your ear phones, Audiofusion™ Performer turns your iPhone into a wireless in-ear monitoring system. Plus, Performer is a complete monitor mixer, giving you complete control over the sound in your ears. 

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Performer receives its audio from our Audiofusion SoundCaster app, which runs on MacBook.

SoundCaster connects to your digital audio source and broadcasts it in real-time over Wi-Fi to each connected Performer. Performer will only receive audio from Audio Fusion’s SoundCaster software.

Performer and SoundCaster work in conjunction with a third app for iPad called Audiofusion Director. It can be used by the sound technician or monitor engineer to hear the mix each musician has on their Performer. Director gives you simultaneous control over each musician’s mix to help with troubleshooting and fine-tuning. With it, you can also edit the instrument labels and remotely control the audio settings on SoundCaster.

Audiofusion Director App


Wireless In-Ear Monitoring for iOS


Description: With the help of the Audiofusion™ Director app running on an iPad, instrument labels and icons can be created at any time and all in one place. Position band members on the stage plot to visualize the layout. Long sound checks are a thing of the past when the band takes the stage.

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Use Director to enable or disable channel inputs and remotely control the volume of the instrument signals coming from Audiofusion™ SoundCaster. Create or simply reassign the instrument labels to the channel inputs and assign musicians to the connected devices. Provide unparalleled support during the performance. Select one of the musician icons on the stage plot to hear and control the exact same mix the artist is hearing on their device.

The purchase of Audiofusion™ Director includes a license to connect to Audiofusion™ SoundCaster. Only one instance of Director can be connected to SoundCaster at a time.


  • Remote control of Audiofusion™ SoundCaster to select channel inputs and set overall volume levels.
  • Create and reassign instrument labels.
  • Create and manage musician and device assigments.
  • Hear and control the mix of each connected Audiofusion™ Performer

Minimum Requirements:

  • iPad (4th gen or newer
  • iPad Air (2nd gen or newer)

How Audiofusion™ Works

It all starts with the patent-pending Audiofusion™ SoundCaster software for your laptop that captures each channel from a digital audio source with professional level fidelity and sends the signals over Wi-Fi in real-time to each musician’s smart phone or tablet.

Each musician can control what they want to hear in their own monitor mix right on their smartphone or tablet by downloading the Audiofusion Performer app.

With Audiofusion Director, you can position musicians on the stage to create automatic panning and control the monitor mixes. During a performance the sound engineer can listen to each musician's monitor mix and make adjustments.

What Musicians Are Saying About Audiofusion™

Deann Rene

“Not only does Audiofusion™ help me hear myself it helps me hear everything! I am finally in control and free to deliver my best performance without distractions. I am no longer at the mercy of my monitor mix.”


Deann Rene, Recording Artist & Performer

Beard The Lion

"Total pro-quality sound that's easy to set-up.
No more fighting over the monitor mix is keeping the band together."

Beard The Lion

Karen Chisholm

"With nine musicians on stage getting an in-ear monitoring system was out of the question. Now I can hear each and every single one of them at the pro-level I need, plus I don't have to lug around a bunch of gear.

Audiofusion™ rocks!"

Karen Chisholm, Recording Artist

Amy Hooper

"The Audiofusion™ software and apps are intuitive and simple, and I love having my monitor mix in my pocket. This keeps distractions at a minimum and I can stay focused on the performance."

Amy Hooper,, Worship Leader & Musician


Michelle Schonfeld

Audiofusion™ has totally freed me on stage and in the studio. I can completely control my monitor mix by just reaching into my back pocket or adjusting it from my mic stand. I already had the gear which is my phone, earbuds and laptop. Audiofusion™  is going to change the way we do music. “More me in the mix” and long soundchecks will be a thing of the past.”

M. Schonfeld, Worship Leader & Musician